Simple Advice On How To Have A Golf Holiday In Portugal

Golfing holidays to courses throughout Europe remain a popular pastime for many golfers, none more so than a trip to Portugal, one of the prime golfing destinations on the continent. In terms of golfing, Portugal offers much, not only around Lisbon but in the sunny Algarve region as well. Planning such a trip need not be too difficult either, as long as you remember a couple of important points.

Plan it yourself versus a golfing holiday package

Perhaps the first very important thing you need to decide is whether you will plan the tour yourself or make use of a golfing packaged holiday. If you have never been to Portugal before, let alone played any of the courses there, a golfing packaged holiday is a far better option. Here, golfing tour operators will put together something based on the number of days you would like to spend in the country as well as the number of courses you would like to play. Alternatively, you can just select one of the many packages they already have available. Once you have visited the country and played a few of the courses, you could put your own golf tour together in the future. With meticulous planning, this can also save some money, but of course, it is time-consuming.

Get your golfing buddies involved

The more the merrier they say. This is true when it comes to golf. In fact, if you can get seven other friends to go on a Portuguese golfing holiday with you, you can actually save a ton of money. Why? Well, many of the golf resorts in Portugal give huge discounts for parties of 8 people with the 8th person often allowed for free. This covers accommodation and green fees, leading to savings which can be shared throughout the group.

Make sure you book early

With the popularity of Portugal as a golfing destination, don’t get caught out by leaving your bookings for your trip too late. If you do, you may struggle to find accommodation in certain popular golfing resorts, especially during the prime season. Booking early can also mean excellent discounts.

Are you taking the family?

Although it may be a golfing holiday, consider taking your family along, even if they are not avid golfers. There is much to do in Portugal, particularly the Algarve region which is filled with sun-kissed beaches, historical attractions, incredible food and many other activities.

Portugal is an incredible golfing destination that should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Trips there are easy to plan, so there should be nothing holding you back!