All You Wanted To Know About Putting Ball Position

Like every other golf shot, the putter follows the same routine. Players begin with the pre-shot routine and follow it up with the alignment. Next, comes the crucial part of the setup – the stance and the ball position. In a way, the ball position also determines the type of stance a player assumes. What’s the ideal ball position for the putter stroke? Here are some tips regarding putting ball position.

  • Experts agree that the ball must be right under the eyes. It should neither be beyond or too close to the body. Accuracy is the key when playing the putter shot. Positioning the ball beyond the eye limit (i.e.) standing too far from the ball, players tend to take an inside-out swing path that’ll push the ball to the right. Then again, placing the ball too close will produce an outside-in path that’ll push the ball to the left.

  • Golfers nowadays use long putter clubs. Because of it, their eyes are far from the ball. Golfers don’t see the ball directly below them instead they are forced to see it in a diagonal line.

  • There seems to be some difference of opinion when it comes to placing the ball in relation to the stance. Some instructors advise positioning the ball at the center of the stance. According to them, the clubface must come into contact at the deepest point of the swing arc. Hitting the ball on the upward swing will force the ball to go left.

  • There are some who prefer placing the ball slightly forward in the stance. They equate the putter with the golf drive, and they recommend hitting the ball on the upswing. Golfers who are willing to follow this advice must know that the ideal position is just an inch or two forward of the center. With this position, the rear end of the ball is clearly visible to you.

  • To get the best result, the center of the clubface must come into contact with the ball at the equator. Placing the ball too forward in the stance will cause the bottom part of the clubface to hit the upper hemisphere of the ball, resulting in a faulty putter shot.

  • Both groups agree on one thing, though, it’s not prudent to have the ball slightly back of the center. In such cases, the golfer will strike the ball with a descending blow, which is not an ideal scenario.