A Quick Overview Of The Most Useful Golf Training Tools

If you are looking to improve your golf skills or you are new to the game, there is a wide selection of golf training tools to consider. These are more than just instructional videos, photos and golf publications. The right tool can really make a difference in overall play performance. The following offers insight on the most used golf training tools.

Popular Golf Training Tools

Here is a bullet list of common golf training tools. These are a few of the basic options available. Keep in mind each of these may have multiple options to consider with price ranges that vary. These tools can help anyone improve their game through so many ways.

  • Putting practice mats: they are easy and convenient to use at home while being portable.

  • Home range practice system: these vary in design but include hitting net, hitting mat, ball feeder and tee holder.

  • Swing trainers: these vary in design but are made to help improve long range golf swing ability, tempo, strength wrists, and can be used to help warm up before play.

  • Adjustable grip strengthener: hand grip for exercise, improve grip strength, wrist speed and good for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel.

  • Formed grips: this is a special tool that helps golfers form proper grip with their iron instantly. It is easy to carry and fits in any golf bag. Grip gloves with special markings are also available.

  • Alignment rods: these are available in different colors and lengths. These can be used to complete different drills available free online while improving your scores, putting and ability to hit more fairways and greens.

  • Multi-color golf balls: good for short game practice and working on distance control.

Where to Get Golf Training Tools

There are various retailers including local and online options. Be sure to purchase your training tools from a reputable seller. If you go to a local retailer they may help you in choosing the best option. In some cases you can try out the product in the store depending on what it is. Online purchases can be completed through reputable online sellers. Check for customer feedback and check with the product maker’s website for further insight on best ways to use the product. Stick to a budget to control how much you spend and work your way up to investing high quality tools. Assess the product carefully and choose what is best for you based on your golf play goals.


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