Money-Saving Tips For Booking Golf Holidays

The demand for golfing holidays has increased over recent years. It is as a result of a number of factors:

  • Plentiful regional flights to good golf destinations.

  • Good course in countries with a good climate all year round.

  • The Internet has provided the means of courses marketing themselves to a wider audience.

When golfers first take up the game they cannot wait to get on to the course and often play in all weather conditions. In the case of the UK that can be the wind and rain of winter when frankly the game is not much fun. There may even be winter tees and greens. No one can do anything about the weather but what they can do once the novelty of playing in poor weather begins to wear off is to go to warmer weather during the UK winter, or indeed any time of the year.

The Algarve Is Worth a Look

Portugal, and especially the Algarve, is an ideal place to enjoy golf in good conditions. Even if you have visited there before using someone that is a specialist in the region and who has built up contacts accordingly can help you get the best possible deal when booking your holidays.

The Algarve as an example is just three hours south of many regional airports in the UK so it is possible to fly in the morning and play the same day and the reverse on the day of departure. Even a long weekend is feasible and certainly getting away when the weather is poor in the UK makes perfect sense. Summers in the Algarve are hot but there is plenty of opportunity to cool off in the sea and relax on the beaches. Spring and autumn are warm and courses remain in good condition in the winter with those three hours so important to get a better climate.

Specialists Can Offer Excellent Deals

Specialists in the region are likely to be able to arrange golf at very competitive prices because of the relationship they have built up with the courses. In addition the tourist infrastructure in this part of Algarve is well-developed; accommodation for all budgets ranging from self-catering apartments and villas to luxury hotels.

It is always exciting planning a holiday and it gives everyone something to look forward to, especially on cold and dark nights in the UK in mid-winter. It is certainly worth talking to a company that can arrange the smallest detail of a golf holiday so the only thing golfers have to do is remember their clubs. Even then many courses have clubs for hire, as well as great practice facilities and expert tuition. It makes sense to use the expertise of someone who has an intimate knowledge of a region, especially as it is likely to be able to even save you money, and certainly time.