Easy Golf Lessons For Beginners Willing To Play Better

Golf lessons for beginners offer all kinds of useful information to help you get started in the game. There are many sources available online offering clear easy-to-follow instructions. Beginners can use a mix of instructions from trusted sources to get a general idea of what they should know. Video tutorials and step-by-step written instruction with photos will become your reference tools. Also, find a good instructor or golf lesson provider locally for additional guidance on your personal progress. Here are a few details most beginners learn when obtaining golf lessons.

  1. Have good aim at the ball and make sure your body has good alignment.

  2. Ensure your body is balanced and stable behind the ball with a good stance.

  3. Have good posture. There are exercises and tips for golfers on how to develop good posture.

  4. Establish good grip. There are different ways to grip an iron and it is important to find the right grip for you. Practice gripping your club for a few minutes a day to get comfortable.

  5. Use your hips to help you downswing. Your lower body should start the motion with your upper body following to help create a smooth downswing.

  6. Take advantage of the driving range. This is a great way to practice and warm up on the green before heading out to the course. You can play with 50 balls for a half hour with practice swings.

  7. Practice your short game and work on achieving better loft. If you don’t have enough loft the ball can get scooped by the club and this is an action you want to avoid. Use a golf club that is short to help you establish a smooth clean solid strike of the ball.

  8. Master each golf club in the golf bag starting with your pitching wedge. In other words, when practicing start with short clubs and more toward the longer ones. Some experts suggest waiting until a year or better before playing with the driver! Work on developing consistency with your clubs.

  9. Play golf courses with par 3 holes. A golf course of this nature is said to be a good form of practice for beginners. You learn basic ins and outs of the course and get familiar with strategies best recommended for the play.

  10. Study rules of the game when you can with videos, books, magazines and help from other golfers.

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