4 Methods to Improve your Swing off the Tee

Maintaining balance while playing with a driver is the topmost priority for a golfer, still many players fail to keep balance. They try hard to maximize distance. Actually, the finest method of maximizing distance of your ball is the make firm contact on the core of clubface and maintain balance. It implies keeping the center of your gravity in the middle of stance all through your backswing. Your swing plays an important role in your game of golf. Here is how you can improve your golf swing off the tee.

  1. Change the height of your tee
  2. When you place the tee lower than normal, you can definitely strike the fairway. You do not have to alter anything else in your setup; just modify the height of the tee and take your swing as usual. The lower height of the tee pushes you to hit down on your ball more, which creates an extra backspin. You can do it even with a club that has low loft such as a driver. To be more accurate, you need to have a great backspin. That is why; it is simpler to hit the 3-wood straight compared to the driver.

  3. Connect your arms and body
  4. You can hit a straight drive only when your arms and body are playing in conjunction. You can try to make your upper portion of your left arm tight against the left portion of your chest till the time your hinge your club. You might have seen a few golfers playing with a hand towel slipped under the biceps to practice this method.

  5. Put additional speed at bottom
  6. If you try to move your arms too fast, your ball tends to go rightwards and possibly not too far. Your speed of the swing only matter at the impact. Therefore, you can save your energy for the downswing rather than consuming it on the top. When you are in the mindset of power, you can try to take smooth transition. When you take a faster swing, you still need to descent your club into a slot and get its shaft on the plane to have a correct delivery from the inside.

  7. Make your plan for control or power
  8. Every hole on the golf course has its own array of distinct challenges. To overcome these challenges, you need to have your own pre-shot routine, particularly on the tee box.


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