All You Need To Know About Golf Tee Time Specials

A tee time implies the reserved time to start the round of golf. The tee times are made for groups or individuals from days or even months beforehand, depending on a golf course. You can call a tee time like a reservation for dinner table. Even if the golf course is badly crowded, you will get a tee spot for you at your designated time. If you visit a popular golf course without reservation, you may have to wait for hours for your turn, if the course even allows you to play without reservation.

It is crucial to be compliant with various tee timings. You might want to play at 6 am, but that slot might be booked and you may have to pick up the 7 am slot. You can ask the golf course about the time you may have to call in advance next time so that you can reserve your favorite tee time. In addition, it is important to be considerate for your tee time. In case you have reserved the tee time at 7 am, you must arrive before 7:10 am in any case. If you are late by even 30 minutes, you cannot expect the golf course to fit you automatically in some other slot. You may need to wait for a while. In fact, it is better that you arrive early so that you can warm up and play in perfect mood.


You can reserve your tee times by visiting the website or via telephone. If you are able to talk to a pro-shop employee, you can even receive insights for ideal time to play, green fees, and condition of the course. The website of the golf course also allows you to view and select any time from the available slots.

Policies of the golf course

You must be aware of the policies of the golf course about cancellations and check-ins. Normally, reputed golf courses require golfing groups to register at the pro shop minimum 30 minutes before the tee time. According to the policies, you may lose your tee time if you go against the regulations.

If you wish to cancel your tee time, you must inform the course 24 hours before. Normally, you have to pay by your credit card for your tee times, which means that you cannot avoid the cancellation fee if the course charges it. There is a reservation fee from $2 to $5 as well, which is mostly included in off- peak charges or special discounts.