Golf Tips On How To Play The Ball With Your Feet Outside Bunker

When the golf ball lands at the rim of the bunker, the golfer is required to step with his/ her feet outside to the bunker. Playing this kind of shot is not difficult provided you know the right technique. You can play this kind of shot with the help of these tips:

Bring yourself on a right level

Had you been in the sand of the bunker, you would simply dig your feet to attain a correct level of the clubface. Since you cannot do it outside the bunker, you can bend the knees to attain an appropriate low point.

Have the right golf club

Whenever you come across the sand trap, you must switch your golf club instantly. You can grab a lob wedge with 60- degrees loft or other wedges with high loft that can fly your ball in the right direction. High- lofted clubs do not make the ball roll excessively. If the edge of your bunker is green, you can use a golf wedge with low- lofted such as 52 degrees and a sand wedge with a loft of 56 degrees. You would not need to make much effort with these clubs.

Your position

The position of your body is very important when your ball lies on the rim of bunker. You have to stand outside the bunker, so you can place the feet firmly on the ground to gain stable balance. You can try to smack the golf ball forward than backwards to keep the clubface open. It will give your golf ball better angle to have to on target.

The Swing

When the golf ball lies at the edge of a complicated bunker, you can hinge the wrist on the top. Then, you can use an inward- outward path to have more control over the ball and get it out further. You should follow through with your golf shot and ensure that you take a bigger and steeper swing. You should keep your follow through on your backswing quick and high so that you are able to take out the ball out of your bunker easily without losing the balance of your body. Your feet should stay balanced with your stance in the direction of line of target. You should try this method every day so you can stay prepared for this kind of bunker shot.