How To Fix Mental Game Problems And Win A Golf Match

No golfer wants his/her nerves to fail during the course of a golf game. Some players just freeze before a shot. Mental block and nervousness are common among golfers. That’s because it’s more of a mental game than a physical one. We’re not talking only about major meltdowns. In golf, even a hint of negative thought could do serious damage to the player’s confidence and career.

Over the years, the role of sports psychologists has gain prominence, precisely due to the reason mentioned above. Those who are serious about improving their game must give the mental aspect, equal or more importance than the physical aspect. Today, we’re to share with you some important information on fixing the mental game problems.

Pre-shot routine

The majority of professional golfers attribute their success to two things: pre-shot routine and swing. A good pre-shot routine will help players keep their focus on the game; it gives little room for negative thoughts to creep in. Fear and nervousness can make even the best players look like a rookie. Players will focus on the current shot; the anxiety of playing the next stroke or the disappointment of failing in the previous will be pushed out of the mind.

Where to focus?

The pre-shot routine has helped you focus. The challenge is when you’re about to play the shot – Where to focus? ‘Should I focus on the target, the ball, or something else’ – this is the question that every golfer asks just before playing a shot. To prevent fear and avoid distractions, players are advised to keep their eyes and focus on the dimple of the ball. Make the dimple the center of attention when you’re about to play the swing.

Develop a go-to shot

After playing a couple of faulty shots the player’s confidence will be at the lowest point. Players start to question their ability after making a mistake or two. Even professionals face such situations. This can be easily countered by developing a go-to shot. A go-to shot is needed to break the downward slide and give the confidence and focus on playing the next shot.

Some useful techniques to fix mental problems

  • Visualize the shot you’re about to play

  • Self-talk will help keep away negative thoughts; it’s the pep talk you give to yourself

  • One bad shot won’t ruin the whole game; there is no point in dwelling on the mistake again and again.

  • Breathing exercises will help you relax and focus on the shot

  • Build self-belief and self-confidence