Advice On Planning Weekend Golf Breaks Near Lisbon

Talk of golf vacation to Portugal always ends up becoming a discussion on Algarve. We understand that the Algarve region is a very popular golf destination, but it’s not the only one in Portugal. The areas around the capital city of Portugal – Lisbon are equally famous golf destinations.

To make your trip to Lisbon ultra special, focus on effective and efficient planning. You’ll be in Portugal just for a couple of days so make all efforts to plan and organize the trip well. Make the golf break near Lisbon a grand success by focusing on the points given below.

  • Where to stay and where to play seems to occupy the bulk of the planning process. There is a prior stage to this; we call it the pre-planning stage, which also requires equal attention. Discussion on the total strength of the group, the number of adults and children, their special requirements, the minimum and maximum budget for the trip, etc. will feature at the pre-planning stage of the vacation.

  • Be clear on where you plan to travel for the golf trip. Gather information about the golf destinations around Lisbon. There are many fine accommodations in the form of resorts and luxury hotels near Lisbon. Scout for an accommodation close to the golf courses to save traveling time.

  • In the span of two days, you can easily play a round or two on two different courses. Here too, tourists have numerous options to choose from. Lisbon is surrounded by world famous golf courses such as Oitavos Dunes, Beloura, Troia, Aroeira, and Belas. These are just some of the courses near Lisbon. For a comprehensive list of golf courses jump on the World Wide Web.

  • Decide whether to book flight tickets, accommodation, golf courses and other things separately or buy a golf package. Both have their pros and cons. Your decision must be based on your preferences and requirements. Keep in mind that golf packages for non-peak periods are very affordable. We would advise you to book a golf package with air tickets, accommodation, tee times on fine golf courses, and one or two other recreational activities.

  • Prepare the schedule of the trip early, with some room for minor adjustments later. There is so much to see and experience in and around Lisbon. Actually, one weekend is no enough to enjoy the things that Lisbon has to offer to tourists. While preparing the itinerary, list the ‘things-to-do’ according to priority.