Five Best Golf Tips To Make Your Backswing Really Special

No doubt, if you are a golfer, you understand the importance of your backswing. Although your setup is very important, your backswing is the start of everything in terms of getting the ball towards the hole in an efficient manner.

So having a well-structured backswing is one of the first starting points in helping to lower your scores out on the course. But what exactly should you be focusing on each time you stand over the ball, ready to repel it out of your sight? Let’s take a look!

Stance over the ball

The first place to start is with your stance over the ball. This will help no end in ensuring you can have a very good backswing. Here your alignment is critical in your downswing through the ball. If you address the ball incorrectly and your alignment is out, the chances are very high that your club will not be positioned correctly at the top of your backswing. This then makes it almost impossible for it to be positioned correctly when impacting with the ball.

Take note of your swing speed

The first mistake many golf beginners make is that they think they need to swing as hard and as fast as possible, both with their backswing and their downswing. This, they believe, will send the ball the furthest it can travel. This is simply not true. Your backswing in particular, should be a slow, measured movement, easy and relaxed at a moderate speed. It has absolutely nothing to do with generating power.

Top of the backswing

Take note of the position of the club shaft at the highest point of your backswing. Here it must be parallel to the flight of the ball you desire while also remaining close to horizontal to the ground itself. Remember to swing in a relaxed manner with a moderate speed using your left arm and hand to guide the club in the perfect arc to strike the ball cleanly.

Be aware of easy to make backswing mistakes

There are a number of backswing mistakes that can quickly creep into your swing. Make sure you look out for these, particularly in your practice swing. The most obvious is the incorrect positioning of the club head at the top of your backswing. Here, it might fall either to the left or to the right. To correct this, make sure you turn into your backswing properly and all the way and that you are using your body in a fluid motion so it does not interfere with the mechanics of a smooth backswing.

If problems persist, concentrate on the turn of your shoulders

It goes without saying that your shoulders are one of the most crucial aspects of your backswing and your overall swing in general. Make sure you make a full shoulder turn. This will help keep the club in the correct position and see to it that you get all the way to the top of your swing.

These simple tips will go a long way in helping you with your swing problems and eventually lowering your scores.