How To Learn Golf In A Day: An Ultimate Guide By A Pro

Many of us want to give a hand to the game of golf but are shy at giving it a chance or initiating it on their own. Many golf clubs offer such programs which let you learn the basics of golf in just one day. You just need to be motivated and dedicated to learn and grasp whatever you are taught at the golf club. Pay attention to the golf instructor and practice every move without any apprehensions or hesitation. Many golfers feel embarrassed at the thought of looking like an amateur when they are asked to show their swing. The only way you can learn the best of golf is to keep your shyness in your closet at home and come to the golf course with an open mind. When you go to learn a crash course for golf, you must make it a point that you learn the things mentioned below and ask for them in case you are not taught:

The one day course

People take up the one day golf program especially when they cannot dedicate much time to the game. The golf programs are of two types:

  1. Half day program

  2. Full day program

vThe half day program for learning golf includes three and a half hours of rigorous individual training from a golf coach of PGA qualification. This covers all aspects of golf such as:

  1. Fundamentals, stance, posture, and grip

  2. Development of swing

  3. Chipping, pitching

  4. Putting

  5. Bunker play

You can choose any of the two or three slots for half day golf program. You can also take a friend along if you want by paying a little additional fee.

The full day golf program includes six and a half hours of intensive individual training. The format of this program is almost similar to the earlier half day program, but it includes a short lunch break. The PGA golf coach escorts you to a local golf course, where you can try your newly learnt golf skills as you play the nine holes with your teaching professional. The program includes

  1. 9-holes green fee

  2. Lunch

  3. Grip, fundamentals, posture, and stance

  4. Development of swing

  5. Chipping and pitching

  6. Putting

  7. Bunker play