Helpful Free Golf Tips On How To Increase The Shot Speed

Create your own weighted club

Many experts will tell you that the best way to build golf muscles is to swing a weighted club. This will help you generate a higher swing speed. However, since weighted clubs can be expensive here are three ways to create your own.

  1. Remove the grip of an old club and fill the shaft with sand. Seal with tape and optionally regrip it. Instead of sand, consider adding BBs, birdseed or even cat litter.

  2. If you have lead tape, add it to the cavity back of an old club.

  3. Wrap a cloth or piece of swim noodle around your club and secure it with tape.

After you take practice swings with your weighted club, you’ll notice a profound difference in your swing speed when you return to your normal clubs.

Listen to your swing

Take one of your irons and grip the shaft just above the club head near the hosel. Take a normal swing and you’ll hear an audible “whoosh” sound. The sound should happen as your shaft passes impact position or slightly after. If you are hearing the “whoosh” before impact, you are releasing the club head too early. This is called casting.

By casting the golf club, you are losing an incredible amount of distance because your club is decelerating while you hit the golf ball. To prevent this, keep your hands hinged and the club head behind them as you start your downswing.

Towel snap

For this drill you’ll need your golf towel and a garbage bin (or similar size and weight object).

  1. Place the garbage bin or similar object at your impact position.

  2. Roll the golf towel up and grip it as you would a golf club with your top hand.

  3. Take your bottom hand and grip the other end of the towel and create tension.

  4. Make your swing and try to knock the garbage can over with the towel.

In order to generate power, you will have to drive weight towards your front side while maintaining tension to create a forceful snap with the towel.

Shoulder Turn to Hip Turn

Many people attempt to mimic the shoulder turn of professional long drive champions. Unfortunately, creating a massive shoulder turn usually leads to more problems because amateurs lack the athleticism to get everything square at impact.

One of the secrets to generating power and speed is to create separation between your lower and upper body. In order to unlock this secret, do the following drill.

  1. Get into your golf setup position.

  2. Place your arms out in front of you on top of you on a longer club positioned upright. Your arms should be close to parallel with the ground.

  3. Keep your upper body stable and rotate your hips forward into impact position.

  4. To increase the difficulty, place the club further towards your back foot, and again rotate forward.